Dragons Give Back Foundation

Over $5,000 raised!

"Charity Made Outrageous"

A student-led foundation fueled by community & school spirit that intertwines charity with fun to create a culture of giving back.

Recent News

Hot Ones Competition

Students Art Clayton, Molly Stuart, Sohani Ramnani, Charlie Parkes and Shaheer Qureshi participated in a 'Hot Sauce' spice tournament as apart of our 'Monday Dare Series'! We congratulate Sohani for winning, and deeply thank all of our donors and Grapevine Mills Pepper Palace for supporting us with various hot sauces and a shirt!

$5,000 dollars raised!

From September to October, we have raised over $5,000 dollars in donation money through our events and fundraising! Celebrate with us and our organization, and keep an eye out for more events to come for the rest of Semester one.

Senior Assassin

This past month, DGB began our Senior Assassin game, in which over 38 teams took part in this traditional water-gun game for upperclassmen. We are looking forward to seeing who the winner will emerge to be, as a prize pool of $200 awaits the top team!

'22-23 Beneficiary

Wipe Out Kids Cancer (WOKC)

Our recipient for the 2022-2023 school year is WOKC, who aim to both better the lives of the children and families effected by childhood cancer.

WOKC is a local Dallas organization, and have piloted various research and donation endeavors which have led to breakthrough studies.

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